FIREBEE Software Package


FIREBEE Software Package :

There are :

Here are the drivers for the FIREBEE
More informations about the FIREBEE on the ACP site.

The Firebee with an IDE drive and an ATI Radeon 9250 board

Archive Version Size Computer
FIREBEE Configuration, BOOT TOS404 & Tools tos060.lzh 2.01 2011 July 27 5.11 MB CT60/FIREBEE

FIREBEE Configuration


The FIREBEE's configuration is set with a CPX, used normally with XCONTROL, ZCONTROL, or COPS.

This CPX allows to :

There are five common buttons on this CPX :

For get a CPU average load, blank the screen, or get the temperature (with Eiffel) the CPX :

Average load

At this page you can see for MiNT and MagiC :


At this page you can see the Firebee's temperature during the last hour if you have an Eiffel card (with the cookie 'Temp'). This curve is normally in blue and change to magenta if the fan works (set to on by the Eiffel card).
The green curve, the 68060 temperature value, and the trigger level are not used because there are no sensor on the Coldfire (it's a 68060 feature).

Memory / uP

At this page you can see :


At this page you can :


At this page you can :


At this page you can :


At this page you can :

FIREBEE Flash Tool

The main task of this program is to put TOS binary (.BIN or .HEX) files inside the flash.