MagiCMac Sound Driver

MagiCMac Sound Driver is a sound driver for MagiCMac, Hades and Aranym, compatible with the Atari Falcon's XBIOS.
This is the features :

Emulation of Falcon's XBIOS, there are no matrix like the Falcon in the MacOS system nevertheless it's possible to :

With a CPX, you can change the audio source (MagiCMac) or change the audio output (Hades).
Documentation and program in English.

This is the list of sound XBIOS functions supported :

Locksound() XBIOS Function 128.
Unlocksound() XBIOS Function 129.
Soundcmd() XBIOS Function 130.
Setbuffer() XBIOS Function 131.
Setmode() XBIOS Function 132.
Settracks() XBIOS Function 133.
Setmontracks() XBIOS Function 134.
Setinterrupt() XBIOS Function 135.
Buffoper() XBIOS Function 136.
Gpio() XBIOS Function 138. Just used for clock selection.
Devconnect() XBIOS Function 139.
Sndstatus() XBIOS Function 140.
Buffptr() XBIOS Function 141.

Some functions are not 100% compatible with GSXB/MilanBlaster because the way under MacOS with sound devices is different.