Aniplayer, media player in GEM Window or Fullscreen for ATARI or clone
Documentation online of version 2.22
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Aniplayer 2.23, LCD display (Crystalfontz CFAH1602-TMC-JP) with the interface Eiffel


Aniplayer is a media player in window or fullscreen with sound in D2D.
Movie player :

Audio player :
Viewer : Plug-in for CAB 2.7 with ID4-OLGA protocol.
Runs in all screen resolutions.
Uses VIDIX interface for YUV to fullscreen conversion on CT60/CTPCI/Radeon .
Uses DSP on FALCON 030 for pictures compressions and MPEG Audio.
Uses Coldfire MAC instructions on FIREBEE for MPEG Audio .
Can use external clock on FALCON compatible FDI...
Uses YAMAHA, PSOUND card, or XBIOS compatible card for sound D2D : Runs equally on MultiTOS/MagiC/MagiCMac/etc...
Needs 68020 or more for lot of codecs (not exists with MagiCPC).
Runs on clones Hades, Milan...
Runs in PRG/ACC with GEM and TTP without VDI.
Save movie, pictures and sound.
Can create CD-Audio from mpeg, with CD-Writer 2.2.
Slide-show and Playlist .
Supports the protocols AV, DHST, OLGA, and GEMScript.
Documentation and program in English/French/German/Swedish/Dutch/Polish/Italian.
You can see also the documentation online of version 2.22.
Aniplayer is a Freeware.

Archive Version Size Computer
Aniplayer 2.23.1 2013 Aug 16 2.8 MB Atari Falcon / TT / Clones

Didier Méquignon
E-mail: aniplay(REMOVE)@free(point)fr (remove (REMOVE) and replace (point) by a .)